GRAY For All Seasons.

GOING GRAY: The Perfect Neutral

Happy Saturday y’all!

Now, I am certainly no expert on picking the perfect paint color the first time around, but I do get lucky sometimes. Nevertheless, with my errors comes a bit of “wisdom.”  Some things I learned the hard way…A gray that looks awesome on Pinterest can look totally different on a paint swatch or in the can.  That gray you loved so much can be totally different on your walls when the sun comes in, or when it’s dark out, or when there is a lamp turned on, and even when there is a sofa sitting in front of it.  It blows my mind .

Here are a few tips…

  • Paint chips really don’t tell us much! That color might look fine in the store, under those awful lights, but we have no way of knowing what it will look like in our home.
  • Get samples! Paint large swatches on multiples walls, and live with it for a day.  This will allow you to see each color at every time of day.  I sure have learned the hard way, that many grays look lavender in the evening.  Not the look I was going for.
  • Look to the bottom.  If you fear that the gray you are initially drawn to looks a bit too blue or purple, look lower on the chip. The darkest color on the paint strip is your bestie!
  • If you absolutely have to pick a paint color in the store, it helps to hold it next to something white.  This will allow you to see it’s true color. A painter also told me to hold the swatch up in air to see it’s true color.  It worked!
  • Go darker!  Once you sort through all of your options and finally pick the ONE you LOVE, go one shade darker.  Just trust me.


When I moved in to my place, the living room walls were painted a strange, muted green color.  Not my thing.  Surprisingly, everyone that came over just swooned over it.  Of course, I will accept any compliment with a gracious smile….but that green HAD to go. STAT!


Check it out. . .

GOING GRAY: the before and after

Here is the finished product…All “gray-ed” out!

GOING GRAY: a living room makeover gets some gray lovin'

 GRAY: The Perfect Neutral



GOING GRAY! A job complete!


xoxo, Jordan