The Spring Clean: Part 3

Finishing the Unfinished 

Vintage Mola Appliques


With the annual foray of spring cleaning in full swing, I am in a need of a break.  Well not so much a break, as much as a separation from my magic eraser  and rubber gloves.  Spending so much time actually cleaning, can get old, quick.  So, with the hope of not loosing my decluttering momentum I figured today might be the perfect day to switch things up a bit.  One task that I feel should be added to every “spring cleaning checklist” is to finish any incomplete projects.  I don’t know about y’all but I have unfinished projects out the wazoo.  It is always thrilling (for me at least) taking on new projects.  The only problem is, after the excitement fades, we lose our drive, and that project gets tucked away in the back of the closet just longing to get done.  SAD!   So, this year, we make a change! This year I am making it a priority on my spring cleaning checklist to wrap-up all of those incomplete projects.

As you move through your house room by room and nook by nook, take an inventory of all “partial-projects”.  Any tasks that you really have no desire to finish, need to go.  Just get rid of it.  It’s just taking up room for more shoes!  Next, squeeze one project into your spring cleaning schedule every couple of days until they are all complete.  Trust me, not only will it empty out lots of space, but it will also leave you feeling SO accomplished and at ease!

One project that I have been meaning to complete for WAY too long, is framing some art for my very long, skinny, and boring hallway.  Months ago I picked up some textiles from an estate sale for $5 a piece.  I didn’t know what they were, or where they came from…but the seller told me each textile was individually appraised for $50, and they were pretty.  After a bit of research I learned that these textiles were Mola appliques from the Kuna Indians in Columbia.  Neat, huh?  Now I could give that hallway some color, and I could do it without putting myself in the poor house.  Of course my next step was heading to Hobby Lobby (on a 40% off wall frames day). I snatched up 4 cheap-o black frames and mats and headed home.  I framed each applique in a white mat (to make it pop) and hung all 4 of them in a row (at eye level).



vintage Mola Appliques orange




Vintage Mola Applique Thunderbird

Vintage Mola Applique Eagle

vintage mola appliques

framed vintage mola applique

Framed Vintage Mola Appliques

 Wall art: Vintage Mola Appliques

Super simple! It took me about 30 minutes to frame and hang all of my my textiles.  The best part is, I was able to take a break from my cleaning supplies and that’s ONE MORE unfinished project to check off the list!

Try to complete one of your incompletes today!

xoxo, Jordan