The Spring Clean: Part 2

The Spring Clean: stove service

Spring cleaning is all about taking the time to clean what we don’t normally clean on a regular basis.  I have been tackling my spring cleaning checklist one task at a time in an effort not to overwhelm myself.  One day ridding these 15 foot ceilings of any lone cobwebs, another day wiping down baseboards, and today I am giving my stove a full-service cleanup.  My live-in and I moved into our home about 9 months ago and have not given our stove a good, deep clean since.  I have to say, I was absolutely mortified to see the amount of icky gunk that had accumulated into every little crevice of my range (not to mention the deep, burnt stains on the drip pans). It was intimidating! Here is how I tackled my grotty mess of a stove-top.

messy stovetop


Yes, I know these are disgusting.  I took the pictures after a messy battle with my wok on “fried rice night,” so please don’t judge me. BAHH! It’s so embarrassing. Sorry  Mommy.

 Stove Service: 1. Remove burners

First things first.  Take the stove apart one piece at a time.  Let me warn you, for every part you remove there will be an even greater amount of nasty mess lying beneath!  You will be shocked. After removing the burners, I could see the drip pans (in all of their glory).  Now, I was aware that these fellas were blackened when we moved in, BUT I reckon I managed to overlook the severity of the issue. That is, until I removed those burners and was in for the shock of my life.

Stove Service: 2- Soak drip pans

I knew this gunk was not going down without a fight. So, before I rolled up my sleeves and whipped out some elbow grease, I let the drip pans and burners soak in a hot, sudsy, grease-removing bubble bath while I tend to the rest of my “stove service.”

Stove Service: 3-clean under range

And the shock continues. HORRIFIC! I could die.

While my drip pans and burners were soaking, I took the time to clean under the range.  I simply removed a few screws and lifted up.  This crumby chaos was staring up at me.  A quick wipe down, a magic eraser, and 407 soaked q-tip helped me get this mess looking brand new.

Stove Service: 4-remove grease from screws

Even the screws were covered in some thick, greasy muck. They got a quick bath too!

Stove Service: 5-New drip pans

Here is where things got a bit tricky.  After a thirty minute soak, I removed my drip pans and started scrubbing with steel wool.  I got nowhere.  So, I scrubbed some more.  Nothing.  Feeling defeated, I called out for Blake’s help.  He is so handy! And what Blake told me, changed everything!… “Jordan why are you spending so much time on those things? You can buy new ones at the dollar store.”  She gone! Off to Dollar General I went. I was shocked to see a set of 2 new drip pans for $5.  WHAT?! Lesson learned.  Sometimes buying a new, perfectly shiny and clean product at good price point is a much more logical solution than spending blood, sweat, and tears trying to clean a dirty one.

Place sparkling, new drip pans into stove and reattach burners.

Stove Service: Finished product

Stove Service: complete

Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Spring Clean coming tomorrow!

xoxo, Jordan

SPRING Forward… with fancy new organizers!

Hey y’all!

With my latest project (The Spring Clean) in full swing, I find myself in a deep state of “product envy.”  Working my way through the house, room by room and nook by nook, while daunting, can also be a very insightful task.  For every little niche I organize and clean my way through, I can’t help but wonder if the perfect product is out there to make the process as simple as possible.  Sooo, today I have compiled a product list that I absolutely adore, and I think y’all might just love too!  Getting every aspect of your home in order can be be even easier this spring with a few goods to help you along.


Spring Forward

1. Kate Spade Neon Nesting Boxes: $54

2. Desktop Perpetual Calendar Set: $58

3. Vitamin Flat Pouch Set: $18

4. Rifle Tin Recipe Box Set- Dot: $34

5. Kate Spade All Occasion Card Set: $30

  Y’all Enjoy!

xoxo jordan

The Spring Clean: Part 1

The Spring Clean

Hey y’all! Has this amazing warm weather got anyone else completely thrilled for spring? I can taste the Abita Strawberry and smell the cut grass already, and it makes me HAPPY! My man and I spent our weekend outside, enjoying the sunny warmth, and manicuring our yard.  Well, he did the manicuring.  I just spent hours wandering around and cutting random branches from trees.  You would think I might have more of a “green thumb” by now.  But nope.  I have come to terms with the fact that no matter how much I want to be a successful gardener or how much practice I put in, keeping a plant alive and growing a beautiful garden just are NOT in my future.   Nevertheless, it really got me inspired to get a head start on my spring cleaning indoors.

“The Spring Clean” will be my detailed play-by-play for some of the many spring cleaning projects I take on this year.

First on the list…. my tarnished window hardware.

I love so much about this little old house we love in, but one thing is certainly undeniable.  It definitely has it’s “quirks!” I love the squeaks, and charm but some parts need a bit of T.L.C.  I have always enjoyed subtle touches of brass in a home.  All the window frames in my house came with brass hardware.  However, between the age and someone’s lazy paint job, you could hardly tell they were there! Not for long, y’all. Here is how I managed to transform my old, tarnished window pulls into shiny, new beauties.

The Spring Clean: Tarnished Hardware

It drives me up the wazoo when painters get lazy with hardware and window frames.  (Removing unwanted paint from the windows will be my next project.) So thank you Mr. Painter-30-years-ago, this is what you left me with…

Tarnished hardware

After thinking back to a project I did for a client, I had a lightbulb moment.  I remember about a year ago, a client of mine wanted me to remove the paint from their fireplace doors to expose the original brass.  After a long trial and error process, the quickest and simplest solution was Goo-Gone.  They call it a graffiti remover, but now I use it for all sorts of things…Like my window hardware.

I doused all of the pulls, and the screws that went with them, in Goo Gone.  Let is soak for about 20 minutes, or until you see the paint begin to peel away from the surface.  After a good squirt with the garden hose, this is what we got…

tarnished hardware 2

With the paint removed, it was time to work on getting these guys back to their shiny shelves.  I did a bit of research online and followed the advice of others to soak the brass in a bath of hot water, white vinegar, and salt.  Letting that soak for 30 minutes or so… I was not too happy with these results.  The brass had turned pink in color and had these weird green patches.  (This might have been an indication that my window pulls were not real brass, but WANNA-BES!)

tarnished hardware 3

At this point I was feeling a bit defeated.  So, in an attempt make my pulls attractive enough to be used again, I took to them with some steel wool.  I turned the faucet on warm, put a drop of grease removing dish soap, and scrubbed ’til the cows came home!

tarnished hardware 3

Much to my surprise, it worked!  Don’t get me wrong, these pulls aren’t perfect….but they are without a doubt GREATLY improved.  I am very pleased with the results and I love the subtle sparkle it adds back to the bedroom.

new and improved hardware

back to brass

Stay tuned for The Spring Clean (Part 2) where will I tackle removing the paint from those old window panes.

xoxo jordan