Happy Spring, y’all!! I could not be more fired up that Spring is officially here! As I sit here (getting busy on this keyboard) even my “resting bitch face” fashions a grin.  There is nothing that brightens a girl’s day like cheery blooms peeking in the window.  But I tell ya what, I worried this day would never come! I mean, was it just me? This winter felt never-ending, right?  Perhaps it was just my surroundings….My beautiful green yard, dead. Everything all gray and brown…looking like something right out of some super depressing indie film.  Just as I was about to lose all hope, I awoke to the most beautiful little tree (bush? I don’t even know…I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb) in full bloom.  Once more, all things were right in the world.  Those lovely blooms brought a smile to my face, and a bit of inspiration.

Before night’s end, my sweet Spring decorations graced the entire house…Terrariums filled high with robin’s eggs and darling little bird nests places about.  The time came to get a little crafty.

Here’s the deal… I am all about a DIY wreath, so long as it is easy. *After attempting to create Martha Stewart’s acorn wreath last Fall, and failing, I learned a lesson.  I have vowed to never again torture myself for HOURS on one wreath.  If it can’t be completed in an hour, then I’m not interested! So… let’s get after it!

The materials I used…All super affordable!


SPRING WREATH : bow making

First things first!  Before even messing with the wreath, I go ahead and make two bow forms out of coordinating ribbon.  Nothing fancy here.  I don’t even bother with big, elaborate bows (mostly because they’re out of my league).  With your finger at the center point, create 4 equal sized loops and twist floral wire around it to keep them in place.

SPRING WREATH : add one bow

SPRING WREATH : add first bow

Now it is time to stick in about half of your floral stems.  I tend to cut the stems way down so they are easier to work with.  Begin by inserting the stems in the wreath.  Above the stems, fasten your first bow to the grapevine using the floral wire.  Think of it in layers. Layer 1: grapevine.  Layer 2: stems.  Layer 3: bow… Repeat.

SPRING WREATH : add more stems and second bow.

Continue adding the remainder of your floral stems.  And don’t worry about it looking “perfect”.  That’s just no fun.  After all of your stems have been shoved into the grapevine, go ahead and attach the final bow the very same way you did the first one.

and…. VOILA!  Less than 30 minutes and your front door gets a fancy facelift in favor of SPRING.