HOLLA for home goods!

Hey y’all!

Not sure if I have ever mentioned it before, but I have a mild obsession with Home Goods.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fancy decor as much as the next decorator, but every now and again a bargain can do the soul some good!  When it comes to decorating I believe there are certain items that should not be skimped on (bed linens, bath towels, etc.).  With that being said, saving a buck or two on accessories is a major plus in my book.  That’s when I head to Home Goods.  I am currently working with a client to decorate her 8-year-old daughter’s bedroom.  After choosing some AMAZING turquoise grasscloth wallpaper, new furniture, bed linens, and draperies, it came time to handle the finishings (my favorite part).  My local Home Goods store is an absolute honey hole.

Here are some of my fabulous finds…

Large scale art for a pop of color.

Large scale art for a pop of color!

Large scale art:

  • Often difficult to find at a price point that doesn’t leave you in a mild state of shock.
  • A great way to make a statement in a space.
  • Ready to hang. No need fussing over a mat or frame.

I fell in love with this piece the moment I saw it.  I was first drawn to it’s amazing colors and it’s substantial size.  BUT I was sold when I saw it’s lovely little price tag.  $65.99!!! For such a large piece of art that is ready to hang, that is a price that can’t be beat.

HOLLA for Home Goods!

I have seen baskets similar to this one in many of my favorite catalogs, and thought they were just darling.  When I stumbled across this one marked at $24, I could not pass it up.  Such a bargain!

HOLLA for home goods! light up art.


If this doesn’t scream “girl’s room” I don’t know what does!  This light-up sign was on clearance for being damaged (missing 2 bulbs…super easy fix).  At $60, I think this piece will be the perfect addition of whimsy and fun to the space.  Don’t ya think??

HOLLA for Home Goods... and this darling light up art!

HOLLa for Home Goods and this darling light-up art!

HOLLA for Home Goods lamp selection!

My absolute favorite section of Home Goods would be, without question, the lamps. As a decorator I have spent a great deal of time sourcing reasonably priced lamps both locally and online.  When shopping locally I am disappointed in the selection.  While shopping online, well, I get sticker shock.  Home Goods has THE most amazing assortment of lamps, and they are all at an even more amazing price point.  This lamp was only $39.95, so I bought 2, of course.

HOLLA for Home Goods

This little trinket box and lumbar pillow were both only $16.

HOLLA for Home Goods!

These are just a few of my fabulous finds! Stay tuned to see how it all comes together in Isa’s fun bedroom makeover.

xoxo, Jordan