D.I.Y. So Sweet Spring Wreath

so sweet spring wreath

Hey y’all!

It’s time…Time for D.I.Y.!! So, here’s the thing.  I LOVE the do-it-yourself approach pretty much when ever the option applies.  But for ever tiny D.I.Y. project I complete, I learn something new.  One thing I learned (about myself) in a hot second, was if I lose momentum on  a project, it won’t get done. So, if I opt to do it myself, it has to be quick and easy.  Lord knows I have a shed full of works-in progress that took too long. A.K.A. I got bored with the thing!  I have also learned that sometimes doing it yourself is not the most economical option.  This happens to me ALL THE TIME! I see something I love at the store and think to myself, (or out loud, woops) “I could make that at home and save a fortune!”  Well, more often than not by the time I have purchased all the materials I need for a project and how much effort the whole shebang took, I probably would rather just shuck out the money in the first place.  So, now before I even think about taking on a new project, I consider how much of the materials I will need to purchase and what I already have on hand.

This past weekend I was raiding my local Hobby Lobby.  This typically happens about once a week.  It is an issue.  Anyhewww, while aimlessly wandering the aisles, I spotted a bunch of grapevine wreaths.  They came in 2 different sizes and every “spring” color you could think of.  I thought they were cute and could easily, and affordably, be spruced up.  In the cart they went! A few aisles over for some tiny little eggs, a bolt of moss green ribbon, and I was ready to craft! Here is my process…

Spring Wreath 1

Spring Wreath 2

Spring Wreath Materials

Spring Wreath 3

Spring Wreath 4

Spring Wreath 5

Spring Wreath 6

Spring Wreath 7

1. First I hot glued the ribbon in a  loop around the wreath (top and bottom for the upper wreath, and just the top for the lower wreath).

2.  Next, I wanted a long sash hanging from the top of the doorway to fall past the bottom of the lower wreath. After a little trial and error, I found the simplest way to accomplish this was to hot glue each loop (Step 1) to the sash.

3.  To add a bit more “spring” in to the project, I brought in these tiny faux nests, and hot glued some moss to the inside (for added color).

4.  Next comes the birdie eggs.  Mine came in a pack of 20 for $4.  Hot glue those cuties into the nest…Yeah, hot glue is apparently my go-to adhesive.

5.  Bow time.  I tend to enjoy the look of a more simple bow, but if you want to get wild with it, get WILD with it girl!!

6.  Add some fun, “springy” flowers for color and hang her up!

Hang Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath 8

Spring Wreath 9

Spring Wreath 12

Spring Wreath 13


For about $15 and less than an hour I would say this D.I.Y. was well worth it!



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