SPRING Forward… with fancy new organizers!

Hey y’all!

With my latest project (The Spring Clean) in full swing, I find myself in a deep state of “product envy.”  Working my way through the house, room by room and nook by nook, while daunting, can also be a very insightful task.  For every little niche I organize and clean my way through, I can’t help but wonder if the perfect product is out there to make the process as simple as possible.  Sooo, today I have compiled a product list that I absolutely adore, and I think y’all might just love too!  Getting every aspect of your home in order can be be even easier this spring with a few goods to help you along.


Spring Forward

1. Kate Spade Neon Nesting Boxes: $54

2. Desktop Perpetual Calendar Set: $58

3. Vitamin Flat Pouch Set: $18

4. Rifle Tin Recipe Box Set- Dot: $34

5. Kate Spade All Occasion Card Set: $30

  Y’all Enjoy!

xoxo jordan

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