Clutter Control: bathroom edition

Today we are taking control! That is, taking control of our bathrooms.

Clutter Control: bathroom edition

Have any of y’all ever noticed the correlation between bathroom tidiness, and how long it takes you to get ready? I am going to fill you in.  Now, I don’t have a husband our kids, so I don’t know what that is like (phew)!  But between the lunch packing, the kiddie clothes duty, homework check and lord knows what else, I would imagine just getting out of the door could be a fiasco.   So, in an attempt to to simply your morning process, consider taking control of the bathroom clutter.  You would be amazed at the amount of time you save getting yourself ready, when your bathroom is nice and orderly! I am sharing my go-to bathroom organizing tips that can work just as well in your space.

Let me walk you through, one drawer at a time.

First things first.  As always, clean out EVERYTHING.  Empty out all of your drawers and purge, purge, purge! Get rid of anything you have not used in a few months and expired products.  Next, sort the remaining items into categories (hair, makeup, nails, etc.). The final step is the fun part. Assign a drawer to each “family” of items and sort into smaller categories… Let me show you.

beauty drawer

This drawer was assigned to skin care products.  I like to use clear acrylic drawer organizers to sort into smaller categories.  And of course, label everything!

hair drawer

brushes drawer

A little trick I use to keep brushes nice and tidy (and this one is a secret) is to use a drawer divider so that brushes can stay standing up.  It works wonders. Give it a go!

makeup drawerMakeup drawers: One for foundation, bronzers, and blush.  Another for lips and eyes.  Easy, breezy, beautiful, Chanel.

makeup drawer


nails drawer

drawer nails 2

So y’all try cleaning out the clutter in your bathroom.  You won’t be disappointed! I promise.

XO Jordan

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