Labeling 101

Here’s to the LABEL!

Today y’all are in luck…because I am sharing my tips and tricks for all things label making.  When it comes to organizing, the whole process is a high.  Now I completely understand the abnormality of that statement.  Most people cringe at at the thought of cleaning out their closet, and I get it.  But I LERVE it! From the purging and the sorting, to the color-coordinating and systemizing, I’m on board with the whole shebang. There is however, one tiny little step in the organizational process that really strikes my fancy.  It is a step that often goes unnoticed or ignored completely.  LABELING!  Label-making is without a doubt, absolutely, no questions asked, my most favorite part of the job. It totally excites me.  Not only is labeling your bins and baskets greatly significant in the functionality of a space but it is a chance to get creative and have fun with the process.  So, to help you out, I am going to fill you in on my favorite techniques for creating and attaching labels.

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Let’s start with a master closet I recently completed.  With plenty of open shelving, baskets are a great way to keep things looking tidy.  To ensure that all things return to where they belong, a good label is key.


A good label should flow seamlessly with the colors and decor in the space.  We are not looking to stand out like a soar thumb.


These labels are definitely in the top 10 of my favorite creations!  A trip to your local craft store can be very inspiring.  After voyaging through every aisle of Hobby Lobby, several times, I stumbled across these little plastic keychains.  SOLD!


Let me walk you through the process.

First things first.  Disassemble the keychain and remove the hardware.  Next, I stamped metallic polka-dots onto plain white card stock. Then, I free-handed the contents of each basket onto each label and put the plastic pieces back together.


I attached these cute little nuggets with twine.  The twine blends right in! Invisible!





This label was made for a young girl’s closet.  The frame came in my color of choice, so all I needed to do was laminate the label, insert into frame, and attach.  For a label like this, I found the best approach of attaching to be velcro. It never fails!


For a young boy, staying organized can be…well rough.  So, make it as simple as possible.  I created these closet labels in GIMP, printed, and laminated.  Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.




The labels above and below were both created on my computer, printed on heavy duty card stock, laminated and attached with velcro circles.  Both were made for young, growing boys.  The velcro allows the label to be easily replaced without damaging the basket.


These laundry room labels are also laminated card stock.  Starting to notice a pattern? Me too! I guess this is my most favorite label-making method.

Grosgrain ribbon attaches these to the basket.



Mudroom much? This particular mudroom I worked on was loaded down with cubbies.  Lots of cubbies= lots of clutter.  Unless, of course, everything gets a lovely labeled home to live in.


Simple wooden shapes from the craft store were spray painted black.  I used a white paint pen to label each oval and once again, attached them using velcro circles.


Label holders are one of “my favorite things.” With a label holder, switching out the label is easy as duck soup!


More card stock labels, laminated and affixed with velcro.

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I hope you find this helpful.

So, go wild and get creative on your next labeling adventure!

XO, Jordan

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