Little Miss Organized

In times of transition it can be difficult finding time to get organized.  Whether your transitioning into a new relationship, a career change, or a new home, creating a new structure or routine is pivotal.  From the compulsive cleaners, to those who could care less, change often inspires us.

One family I have been working with recently built and moved into their dream home.  I have spent my time organizing my way through their home, one gorgeous room at a time.  And if I am being honest, it is just FUN.  I mean, no kidding y’all, I would do this stuff for free.  Well, you know what I mean.  I love my job.  Anyhewww, while moving her family of five into this new home of theirs, my client thought it would be the perfect opportunity to  not only get organized, but to teach her children how to stay organized.  A wise call, in my opinion.  So in an effort to keep the kiddie spaces nice and tidy, I got started on 8 -year-old Katelyn’s closet.

closet cover

My thinking for Katelyn’s space, was that if it looks pretty, she will want to keep it looking pretty.  And by keeping her room “pretty” she would be teaching herself how to stay organized (putting things back in their propper home, etc.).   Being that Katelyn is only 8 it is also important to create a space that she can grow with.  Where’s the sense in spending good money on tiny little “kid-sized” things that will have to be changed out in the near future.

closet 7

While child-sized hangers are a good idea, child-sized storage is not so much.  It is a simple, and  affordable task to get new hangers when the time comes, but buying a whole new set of storage baskets to replace kiddie-sized baskets, is just unnecessary.  I like to purchase high-quality baskets that will stand the test of time.  Next, I make labels and attach them in a  non-permanent manner.  This allows for the labels to be easily replaced when necessary.

closet 6

  closet 1

I purchased these darling little frames on the clearance aisle at Michael’s.  They were only $1 a pop.  Can’t beat that steal!  So yeah, I’m proud of these little labels.  I think they are adorable.

closet 2

Having a home for everything is key.  No lone mittens under the bed or ballet slippers behind the door.  This is a fool-proof system that even a 8-year-old can maintain.

closet 3

Why stop there?  Here is a peak of her very own, no brothers allowed, bathroom.  An orderly bathroom where every hair tie and toothbrush is in it’s place.


My process:

1. Empty out the contents of each drawer.

2. Get rid of old products and anything that you don’t use.

3.  Sort the remaining contents into categories. (Skincare, oral hygiene, beauty products, hair products, etc.)

3. Compartmentalize.  I prefer to use little individual acrylic drawer organizers from Bed Bath & Beyond.  After a test run, I use glue dots to secure the organizers in place.

4.  Label each individual compartment and the entire drawer.



Towels: neatly folded (for presentation).  I just feels fancy. hehe

Stay tuned to see what I did in the boy’s closets!

XO- Jordan

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