An Appealing Pantry

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having a fabulous new year.  To celebrate the new year a client of mine decided to revamp her home, room by room, in An Orderly Abode fashion.  How neat, I know! This job was particularly exciting for me…and I’ll tell you why.  My client literally JUST completed building her family’s dream home.  As an already “organized” person she (and her builder) worked together to create a home with the absolute perfect potential to be awesomely organized.  I mean this house has storage for days.  Swoon.  So with large closets, deep drawers, and plenty of cabinets, I stepped in.  Let the organizing begin.

First things first.  My first day on the job and the family had just moved in the day before.  Having a family of five, my client’s main priority was to tackle the spaces with the heaviest traffic.  So, to the pantry we went! The way they designed the kitchen left ample storage in cabinets and drawers for most everything you could imagine.  Which meant the pantry would not need to store any unsightly kitchen gadgets and what-nots.  The beauty of this pantry was that it was an open-style one.  No door.  Yikes! Just the thought of not having a door on your pantry gives most people a fright.  Be not afraid, y’all.  You don’t need a door, no ma’am!  With the perfect system to keep things organized and tidy, you might just find yourself going door-less before you know it.

Being that the family had only just moved in the day before, they did not have many of the staples they might regularly keep on hand.  Typically the first thing  I do when tackling any space is to take inventory.  There is no sense in running out and stocking up on baskets and canisters if you don’t know what will fill them.  With that in mind, I sent the homeowner to the grocery.  Her task was to purchase anything that they typically keep on hand (think…flour, sugar, canned goods, pasta, cereal, etc.).  At that point, I can determine what would be best stored in a basket and what items might be more convenient if poured into canisters.

partial pantry 3With 3 small children, we chose to place large baskets on the floor to store snacks, bread, and drink mixes.  It makes things that need to be accessible to kids, actually accessible to them.

RX baskets 2

Three baskets, at a more grown-up hight level, are the new home to all medicine.  Each one, of course, categorized and labelled into it’s own family.  One for cold and flu, another for antacids, and the last for prescription medication.

partial pantry 1

When you give everything it’s very own home, it sure is easy to keep things in their home.

large canisters

Large canisters are ideal for storing baking goods.  Throw some scoops inside and making your next batch of cookies will be a breeze!

small canisters

Smaller canisters hold oats and nuts.  I stumbled across these dainty little scoops at the craft store.  They were hidden away in the wedding aisle.  But they sure do serve a good purpose!


With plenty of open shelving, why not display cookbooks? Show those suckers off!

partial pantry 2

Don’t forget the canned goods.  You can find these tiered racks just about anywhere.  But mine came from Target.

full pantry 1

Voila! She is complete.  A no-door-necessary pantry to be proud of!

Moving on!

The next room on the list was the laundry room.  I must admit this room left me a little jealous.  I am a non-fan of all things laundry. So, having a space to make the laundry process easier, and prettier truly appeals to me.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I did to spruce things up…

laundry 1

Baskets, baskets, baskets.  Yes, please.

laundry 2

Turn tables are perfect for cleaning products.  This way you can see it all!

XO – Jordan

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