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Hey y’alll!

I have been boo-coo busy this week working on a project for a brand new client! Yay! You know what that means.  It means, if things go great and they love the space, we move on to the rest of the home.  I must say, this project has got me more excited than I can utter.  I was hired by a sweet, single father looking to give his daughter a brand new, big girl bedroom.   That lucky, 11-year-old girl goes by Allie and is quite possibly the most kind, and bashful 11-year-old out there.

To get things started, I went over for the typical in-home consultation to get a better understanding of Allie’s hopes and ideas for her new room.  By the end of our meeting, I had a pretty good idea for the direction of this space.  She expressed to me her love for all things girly and delicate as well as her taste for trendy and bold finishings.

When it comes to decorating a room for a pre-teen, the options really are endless.  My rule of thumb, however is to steer clear of “trendy.”  Trendy gets old, fast.  And when Daddy is spending a pretty pretty to give his girl a new room, I’m sure he does not want to have to do it all over again in a year when she out grows her neon-green room.  Just saying.  So I choose to stick with pieces she can grow with.

Moving on.  Allie picked out a duvet set from Pottery Barn that she had her heart set on.  While I was not exactly oozing over this particular duvet’s pattern, it’s not my room. It is Allie’s room and I am here to make her happy!  The pattern had a tropical feel to it, so my plan was to find a way to tone the pattern down a bit.  I did this by layering it on top of a white coverlet  and sheets,  serene drapery panels , and a muted wall color.

About that wall color.  When going through the paint deck, Allie instantly was drawn to a very saturated teal color mimicked in the bedding pattern.  This color gave me a bit of a fright.  Not that anyone should ever be afraid of bold color, I just prefer to keep those colors in the accents.  I managed to talk her into moving a few colors up on the paint deck to a more muted aqua I would call Robin’s Egg Blue.

Here is a photo of my initial mood board for the space. For those of you who are not familiar with Olioboard, you are in for a treat! Olioboard is on online tool that allows users to create and mood board using furnishing and textiles, etc. sourced from some of the most popular home decor retailers out there; and I just love it.  Being a decorator, it is easy for me to visualize things in a space without actually having to see it.  But for others, such as my clients, a print out of one of my olioboards is an excellent way for them to visualize my plan and mood for the space before we swipe the credit cards.  This particular olioboard was created before the in-home consultation, just having a very general idea of what Allie, and dad, had in mind.

Stay tuned to see the before and after photos of the finished room!

Allie's olioboard blog

1. Faux Bamboo Bed Frame – Layla Grace: $2,365

2. Jonathan Adler Zebra Pink Rug – Zinc Door: $1,195 

3. Bungalow 5 Brigitte Desk – Layla Grace: $1,651

4. Kartell Louis Ghost Chair – 2 Modern: $820

5. Charleston Bench – The Well Appointed House: $622.50

6. Stray Dog Designs Cooley Floor Lamp – Zinc Door: $850

7. For Like Ever Print – Super Rural: $65

8. Sydney Table Lamp – Plum 28: $567.50

9. Stray Dog Designs Landon White Chandelier – Zinc Door: $800

10. Global Views Decor Beaufort Flame Bottle – Layla Grace: $63

XO- Jordan

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