Charming Cards

It’s Friday! Happy let’s-slack-off-day to everyone.  They sure are great, aren’t they?  For years I have dabbled a bit in art.  Don’t get the wrong idea. It is nothing fancy.  Every once in a while I have been commissioned to do paintings (just for a little extra spending mulah). I’m no Renoir, by any means. But, I enjoy painting so if I can make some extra money in the process, why not?  It wasn’t until recently, however that I was approached about creating a party invitation for a friend of mine.   Being a twenty-something-year-old with a strict monthly budget, I have become notorious for giving custom home portraits to friends as engagement or wedding gifts. Is that bad? I thought it was personal, and something they would like as a keep-sake. . . Anyways, I reckon they liked my little doodles, because she wanted more! This specific type of job would be new for me.  But I was confident that I could please my dear friend, and if worse came to worst, she could toss them and order some new ones off of Etsy.  The invites she needed were for a pre-Halloween party and she wanted a little sketch of herself on the front.  So after a few outfit changes (on her end), we came to a final design.  It is a bit bare and plain, but she wants to add in her own type. Which it totally fine! 



Kind of fun, right?

XO- Jordan

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