Fall Fancies

It’s Fall y’all! And for me, that means one thing. DECORATING FUN!  With the temperature outside dropping, this is no doubt, my absolute most-favorite time of the year.  Probably in large part, because I live in Louisiana, and I’m just sick and tired of being hot all of the time! So with things being a bit more comfortable, I just adore being able to spruce things up for myself and for my clients, all in the spirit of Autumn.

When it comes to seasonal decorating, it does NOT have to be a high-dollar affair.  Whether the budget be low, or otherwise, there are plenty are fabulous options out there to get your home looking festive for Fall!

Here are a few tips and tricks…

I love displaying an abundance of of different pumpkins and gourds.  I just ooze for the misshaped and warty pumpkins, green and white ones too!  Have fun with it! Display pumpkins don’t all have to be bright orange and symmetrical.  And a little secret…You will save a small fortune by getting your pumpkins and gourds at a local grocery store instead of at the pumpkin patch (a lesson I learned the hard way).

Pempkins and Gourds Galore

Another option that will have your home looking fabulous this Fall is a free one!  Yea, I said  FREE.  And even better, it’s simple.  BRANCHES.  I have always loved branches in a vase.  It is a timeless touch that can be reinterpreted for any season. Step out into your backyard and snatch up a handful of branches and sticks.  Plop them in a vase and voila! I say “plop.”  What I mean by that, is arrange carefully in a way that appears to others as effortless. :)

I love these branches wrapped in yarn.  It adds a festive pop of color, and a playful detail to an Autumn table.

Branches wrapped up warm

These branches still have the leaves on them.  They say, “This table is comfortable, casual, and rustic.  But still bold, vibrant, and cozy.”

Autumn Branches

Here are a few simple Autumn accents that will have your home feeling cozier for cool weather, and won’t put you in the “poor-house” in the process.

Acorns on mossPumpkin on moss

So have some fun this Fall!

XO- Jordan

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