Gaga for Gifting

Hey y’all!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.  I sure am.  Things have been busy over here at An Orderly Abode.  But no complaints. Busy is good (knock on wood)!  I have been working with a local magazine on my new add that will be coming out in their Christmas edition, yay. Right as things were wrapping up with the Christmas add, the editor asked me if I would be interested in contributing to their Valentine’s Day special.  Um, duh.  Well apparently, they are doing a story on the perfect Valentine’s Day and everything that goes into making it special.  Personally, I’m not into all of that lovely dovey, flirty dirty, ooh la la nonsense.  Yeah right.  It might be shameful to admit, but aren’t we all kind of into it? At least a little bit?

So it was with one nights notice, that I was to come up with what I thought was a pretty option for anyone in the giving mood on The Day of Love.   And of course, because I am so shamefully indecisive, I wrapped two gifts.  I figured better safe than sorry, right?  When I brought them in to the magazine editor the next day, she instantly chose her favorite and whisked it away for shooting.  She liked the one with the red bow, and pearls. Swanky. I’ll show y’all both and see which one you like!

XO- Jordan



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